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Living on the island of Crete, one sees the island as most tourists never see it -- in autumn, winter and spring. The mountains are covered in snow, the parched earth of summer is covered with greenery soon after the first autumn rains, and when the clouds blow away and the sun shines, the sky and the sea turn a deep blue. These are without doubt the most beautiful days on the island of Crete. I hope, with these photos, to give you some idea of what Crete is like "out of season".

The site is divided into the four prefectures that make up Crete. As the site expands new pages will be added within each prefecture. I plan to keep adding to these photos so come back and check if there is anything new.

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The Prefecture of Rethymno The Prefecture of Chania
The Prefecture of Heraklion The Prefecture of Lasithi


For the first
time in living memory the whole of Crete was covered in snow on Friday
13 February 2004. The following day I took some photos but the only
road that was open was the main road between Heraklion and Chania
so all the photos had to be taken from that road.


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